Jual Pengecil Paha murah – CALORIE OFf THIGHS

Jual Pengecil Paha MurahBerfungsi membentuk paha lebih langsing dengan membakar lemak paha. Dapat digunakan sehari-hari dan saat berolah raga.

Tersedia warna coklat

Slimming & Cellulite Control

For Waist Slimming (Wear 4-6 hours/ day)
Size : Free Size, suitable for M~L (22-35)
Material: Nylon 88%, Polyurethane 12%
Colour: Black & Brown

Wonders of Calorie Off!The unique wave-like patterns of the fabric create friction during movement. It massages your thighs to tone and firm, burning off calories at the same time. It is believed to burn off 416 Calories / Hour!

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